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This website has been created by Zlokower & Miller, LLP to provide visitors with information about our firm and about issues and ideas relating to our law practice.  Nothing on this website is intended in any way to constitute legal advice and in no way establishes an attorney-client relationship with website visitors.  Visitors are advised to see our full disclaimer. 

The attorneys at Zlokower & Miller, LLP concentrate in the following areas:

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

• Closings for purchase, sale and financing           
• Leasing, title, land use and development matters
• Representation of borrowers and lenders

Estate Planning and Estate Settlement and Probate

• Creating estate plans (wills and trusts)
• Settling estates in probate court
• Administering  trusts and conservatorships

Business and Finance

• Formation, financing, and maintenance of business organizations
• Contract negotiation and regulatory compliance
• Family and small business succession planning

Family Transitions

• Planning for the incapacitated, disabled and elderly
• Guardianship and adoption matters
• Prenuptial agreements
• Intra-family loan and business transactions

We also welcome requests for consultations regarding other legal matters.  When we believe that an issue is beyond the scope of our our practice or expertise, we will refer our clients to an attorney or other professional whom we admire and trust.